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In this page, I want to share with you a glimpse of my journey thus far, and how it has inspired me to do what I do today. Believe me, I truly was not expecting this. And yet, now, I could not imagine being anywhere else.


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A Journey Across the Ocean

If only few years ago you had told me that soon I would be teaching Yoga, working for a peace-building organization, and coaching people to develop a loving relationship with their body and with food... I would have stared at you with a very odd look. Excuse me? I think you're talking about someone else.


I began my career with a doctorate in Bioengineering. I worked for over ten years as a Researcher in the fascinating field of Neuroscience, where I applied my technical knowledge to recording and analyzing brain waves and developing software for measuring cognitive and motor function, as well as brain plasticity. If you are curious about my scientific publications, you can find them here


I have always loved science. I am a very curious being, I love to study and I dive into learning with a passion. However, until few years ago, I was feeling deeply ungrounded and scattered. As if I had no clue about what I was doing with my life, I couldn't find a connection with my authentic voice, and maybe I doubted I even had one at all. I had got where I was in my career path mostly navigating external expectations, and thanks to an ease and propensity towards scientific skills. In other words, I was a great student. I got smoothly through my training with top grades and... I didn't even know why.


Things started to shift when I moved to NY in 2009, to work as a postdoc at the City College Medical School. I felt that this city, its bustling energy and incredible variety of people and colors had something to teach me. And I wanted to listen.


Threading all the twists and turns of the years since then probably is beyond the scope of this page... But here's the heart of what I started to discover. I realized I was truly passionate about understanding the challenges I was facing, understanding how I could experience more wellbeing, purpose, authenticity in my life. How I could make sense of this extraordinary experience we live on this Earth and be able to feel whole-heartedly alive. I committed to walk this journey with trust and openness. I committed to believe it was possible. And once that intention was set in place, magic started to happen.

Since then, I met countless amazing teachers, and my own unique healing journey started to take shape. It contains many colors, influences, modalities, but underneath it all there is a common thread: reconnecting to life, expressing my gifts and potential as human being, and inspiring people around me to join me on this adventure. One of my teachers (Sarah Powers) captures it well when she says "I now see how each lineage is a transparent map, which when placed on top of the others, widens my ability to chart a course through my inner labyrinth". I fully resonate with that, and what I would like to offer to you are the results of my own search, the discoveries I made and keep making, the "maps" that served me the most, and the new ones I may encounter and integrate. Some may inspire you, some may not. Dive in and find out for yourself. I am here if you want to share, connect or if you want support through this journey.

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