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NVC is a body of concepts, practices and wisdom developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the attempt to unveil and allow the compassionate nature of human beings to flourish. According to Marshall, such nature is a reality, but it's covered by ages of conditioning and ways of communicating that have created disconnection and violence in our world. NVC offers a map back to connection and compassion. The compass on this map is developing an awareness of feelings and needs, and slowly transform the numerous judgments and ideas of rights and wrongs, beliefs and blockages that come from our culture and education, and from any pain and challenge we may have endured. Most importantly, NVC teaches ways to communicate with other beings that can inspire and allow our compassionate nature to come forth.


NVC helped me immensely regaining a sense of self-connection that I didn't even think would be possible. Through awareness of needs, I learned to feel empowered to discern my motivations and design the life that I want. At the same time, I now have numerous tools to deal with situations that trigger me, where I feel in conflict with others, where I have regret about something I have done, and many more. NVC taught me to understand and respect my boundaries, to transform my judgments and beliefs... to be truly alive. And the more this self-love grows, the more I have understanding and compassion for people around me. My relationships have become more authentic and real. This is just a glimpse of what is available thanks to this beautiful practice.

I started studying and practicing NVC in 2013 under the guidance of Thom Bond, founder and director of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC), and since then I have collected over 500 hours of training and teaching. As of today, I am member of the core staff of NYCNVC and am involved in course coordination and outreach. I am also an active NVC mentor, practice group facilitator, and I am available for group introductory workshops. 

"NVC is a combination of thinking and language, as well as a means of using power designed to serve a specific intention. This intention is to create the quality of connection with other people and oneself that allows compassionate giving to take place. (...) All actions are taken for the sole purpose of willingly contributing to the well-being of others and ourselves. The primary purpose of Nonviolent Communication is to connect with other people in a way that enables giving to take place: compassionate giving.

Marshall Rosenberg -

Speak Peace


My NVC Offerings

  • Individual NVC Mentoring (phone, online or in person)

    • NVC Mentoring provides an opportunity for the clients to receive personalized support in learning and integrating NVC in their lives. Through a combination of empathy, NVC education and exercises, I help clients develop the areas where growth and integration is desired and use their natural strengths more fully.

  • NVC Introductory Workshops

    • Do you want to bring NVC to your community, workplace or neighborhood? I am available for introductory workshops (typically 2 hours) that give you an overview of NVC, and that can be followed by more extensive training upon request.

  •  NVC Practice Groups

    • ​Practice groups are weekly gatherings (usually 5 to 15 people) where you can develop your skills through the use of practice exercises, role-plays and the sharing of your struggles and successes with others. I am available to facilitate 10-week beginner level practice groups.   

We can schedule a no-cost exploratory conversation to discuss the training opportunity that suites you

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