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Amongst the paths to reconnecting with the wisdom of our body, learning to restore energy flow through conscious movement and breathing is essential. The practice of Yoga offers beautiful tools in this direction.

It's almost impossible to capture the depth of "Yoga" in few words. Yoga encompasses a variety of teachings, practices and lineages, most of which date back hundreds of years. It is a vast and rich tradition. It is certainly beyond my competence and intentions to cover its broad scope in this brief paragraph, but I will point you to some of my favorite readings to start exploring this world. In my teaching, I focus primarily on the use of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and chanting to guide my students into a process of nurturing  and self-discovery.

I received my 200-hour certification in 2014 at Jaya Yoga Center - my home sangha - and since then I taught over 700 hours of group classes in different studios in Brooklyn and beyond. I currently slowed down my teaching to have space to develop new areas of my work, and also to have time to deepen my learning. You can still find me at Jaya in Park Slope twice a week.

I teach Yoga as an embodied contemplative movement practice. Meaning that we move consciously. We breathe consciously. We pay attention. We learn to discern how we feel as we move from one posture to the next, and when we hold one posture still. We expand our breath by deepening, lengthening, and exploring different breathing techniques. We do so with a constant intention for self-love and kindness. We use a colorful alphabet of postures to give our bodies a full experience of ourselves, to allow energy to move through us and honor the complexities of our body-mind.

If you are interested in my full Yoga Teaching Resume, you can visit my profile on Yoga Alliance by clicking here.

"Yoga can be understood as a set of behaviors that develops a holistic experience of the body, heart and mind. It is a process of fully inhabiting ourselves and our life in a radically engaging and inquisitive way. Through this training we develop a healthy capacity to take up residence in our bodies and minds, which can then lead us into simple presence. Presence is a quality of being that is open and aware. This body-mind presence serves as the ground for compassion and wisdom to emerge within us"

Sara Powers - Insight Yoga


My Weekly Classes in Brooklyn


9am - Basic/Intermediate (75min) - Jaya Yoga East


4.30pm - Basic/Intermediate (75min) - Jaya Yoga Center

Please always check the schedule in case I'm traveling.

I am also a sub teacher at the following studios:

Reflections, Area Yoga, Mala Yoga, Park Fitness BK.

Private Classes


I am available for private classes for individuals and small groups upon request. 

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