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Starting With Yourself


Learn Effective Communication Skills to Build Conscious Relationships, Trasform Coflicts and Create More Peace and Connection in Your Life and Your World



Learn to Honor the Innate Wisdom of Your Body and Transform Your Relationship with Weight, Eating, Movement and Health


A Warm Welcome!

In these pages, I want to share with you some of my favorite tools for building thriving, compassionate relationships, starting with the one with yourself. My hope is that you will find inspiration, learning, support and many opportunities to work and play together to make your life more wonderful.

I would love to give you a snippet of key steps of my journey. If you press 'Read More' - you'll get to learn about my Italian origins, my training in bioengineering and neuroscience and some other interesting facts… leading to where I am today, and all the ways I could support you if you choose to travel with me for some time.


So let's get to know each other a little bit, shall we? 


The journey Home is not an ideological experience.

It takes place in the heart, in the great stream of feelings, which flow through us.

Our return to Truth is a return to simplicity, and not to cosmic information”

Stephen Schwarz

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